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Telephone Lines

Pooling Saves Money

Whether you have a single business location or an enterprise with many locations spanning the globe or somewhere in between, reducing the number of telephone lines that you use will save you money.

Now, let’s take it one step further. How would you like to only pay for what you use?

When you Pool your Telephone Lines you save money because your company can utilize fewer lines. No more having idle lines that you pay for every month.

Bursting Saves you Time and Money

The ability to Burst or use-More-than-you-Pay-For is the key to saving you both Time and Money.

Have you ever sat at your desk waiting for a phone line to be available?

Or perhaps you’ve ordered more lines than you need full-time and are paying too much every month for something you only use part-time.

Skynet SIP Trunks are the Answer

Utilizing Skynet SIP Trunks ensures you only pay for a minimum number of lines per month and for what you use over that. It’s a premium combination of Pooling and Bursting on one of the most advanced communications platforms in Canada.

To get started, just provide a complete copy of your most recent Carrier Invoice and we’ll gladly show you how you can save both Time and Money.

Free Long Distance

As a CRTC BITS Licenced Carrier in Canada, VCS Skynet can provide services that other carriers either can not or will not.

Telephone calls to anywhere within North America (Canada and USA) are Free. How much money can you save every month?

We also carry International Calls and can assure you of the best rates.

Number Porting

We know that keeping your existing phone numbers is important to you.

VCS Skynet will ensure your telephone numbers are moved onto our systems and that you retain ownership of those numbers.

Toll Free Numbers

If you have Toll Free Numbers already, we can move them to our systems and make sure callers can reach you.

As you aleady know, inbound calls on Toll Free Numbers are only Toll Free to the caller and that there is a per-minute rate to you. We ensure that rate is as low as the CRTC will allow us.

Analogue Lines

Sometimes, you may require an analogue telephone line for an outbound fax machine or for other purposes.

VCS Skynet will provide that service for you as needed.

Internet Circuits

Few things can be accomplished without the Internet.

Connectivity itself is getting less expensive from year to year, but the challenge is that not all providers offer some form of Service Level Agreement (SLA). In fact, most providers refuse to provide a gaurantee of any kind that your very important Internet connectivity will be available when needed.

Skynet includes a set of tools that allows us to provide your Internet as well as Manage, Monitor and Maintain it.

Just one more way that Skynet brings intelligent value to your business architecture.

We can provide;

  • DSL
  • Cable
  • Fibre
  • Wireless
  • Ethernet
  • and more

Wireless Internet Solutions

Skynet Wifi Solutions ensure your business wireless is always working for you.

Solutions are engineered to exceed the needs of your specific space and requirements.

Full Cloud Management allows you to easily cahnge your Wifi Name and Password and have the Entire Enterprise Automatically Update as soon as you click “Save”.

Access Points come in all shapes and sizes.

  • Indoor / Outdoor Access Points for Ceiling & Wall Mount
  • Indoor / Outdoor Mesh Technology
  • AirFiber Point-to-Point High Speed Wireless

Network Video CCTV

Monitoring your Office, Warehouse, Parking Lot and Assets was never easier than with Skynet Video.

Utilizing the most advacned G3 and G4 Camera Technology coupled with Simple Cloud-Based Management and Monitoring, Skynet Video puts the tools you need in the palm of your hand.

In fact, you can download our Free Video App on your iPhone, iPad & Android Devices and see what you need to see and hear in real-time. That’s right, there is even full audio.

All Cameras are 1080P High definition with many choices for Recording and Saving the information.

There are many camera choices;

  • 1080p Indoor/Outdoor Video Camera with Infrared
  • 1080P Wide Angle Dome Camera with Infrared
  • 1080P Micro Sized Video Camera
  • 1080P Weatherproof Camera with Optical Zoom
  • 1080P Indoor/Outdoor Camera with Infrared
  • 4K Indoor/Outdoor Camera with Infrared and Optical Zoom

Network Infrastructure

Building a network of any kind is an important task.

Building a Data/Voice/Video Network is something we excel at, from the cabling and terminations to the hardware engineering and configuration.

Many companies are capable of building a simple computer network, but will it operate without issues?

Will the network carry your traffic with importance given to higer priority traffic?

Will your Network be Safe and Secure?

Our advanced architecture ensures all of your network traffic is handled in the manner it should be.

Skynet Features

VCS Skynet is a package of many feaures and technologies which all stems from the telephone experience.

Your ability to process and manage calls is very important which is why we’ve partnered with the top tier of software and hardware manufactuers.

Telephone Devices

No matter how simple or advanced your communications requirements, we have the hardware or software to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

  • Desk Telephone Models
  • Conference Room Audio and Video Conference
  • Cordless Phone Models
  • Mobile Device Video and Softphone
  • WebRTC Video and Softphone
  • CTI – Computer Telephone Integrations
  • CRM – Database Integrations
  • Legacy System Integrations


  • “Skynet DNS” Advanced Cloud-Managed Web Filtering DNS Security and Web Traffic Scanning
  • “Skynet Secure” Anti-Spam Services
  • “Skynet Secure” The Most advanced Desktop Anti Malware and Virus Protection
  • “Skywatch” Endpoint Management and Remote Support
  • “Skycloud” Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • “Skynet File SS” Synch and Share