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Vcsadmin/ February 13, 2018/

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Skybridge Audio Conference System

Skybridge is an Audio Conference Solution for VCS Skynet customers who need to conference more than just a few users.

There are no limits the number of Participants and the Moderator can Manage the Conference Room from the Dial-Pad of his or her own telephone.

The simple steps are;

  1. Dial 604-674-2121
  2. When Prompted, Enter the PIN Number you were issued and Press #. It is important to note that there are Two PIN Numbers for every Conference Room. If you need more than one room, contact your System Administrator.
  3. When Prompted, record your name and Press #. Other participants who are already in the room will hear the name you speak as you enter the room, so consider that when you record your name.
  4. Once you are in the room, the Moderator can access features as shown in the following list.
Digits Action
* deaf mute
9 energy up
8 energy equ
7 energy dn
3 vol talk up
2 vol talk zero
1 vol talk dn
6 vol listen up
5 vol listen zero
4 vol listen dn
0 mute

If you have any questions about Skybridge or any other service provided by VCS Skynet, feel free to contact us at 604-569-0670.

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