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Android and iOS Devices have become our daily go-to devices.
We do everyting on these devices such as Cell Phone Calls, Email, SMS, Social Media Interaction, Games, Productivity Apps and much more.
In fact, the Device in your hand is no longer a Cell Phone with some Apps on it, it is a Miniature Computer with a Cell Pone App on it.

Skynet in Partnership with 3CX now has the Freedom App that will change how you deal with your business operations on a daily basis.
A Free App that works in conjunction with your Skynet Office Telephone System, you can experience the freedom of true work mobility.

With the business Voice App for Android and iOS you can take your office extension with you, anywhere you go.

  • Answer calls on your office extension right on the App
  • Place the Caller on Hold.
  • Transfer the caller to another office extension.
  • Elevate the call to a Conference Call.
  • Experience Truely-Private SMS with your office staff.
  • Experience a Video Chat or Conference on your Smart Device.
  • Manage your extensions Status with Multiple Modes such as Available, Away, Do-not-disturb.
  • See the current presence of your office collegues.

No more being tied to the desk waiting for a call.

No more giving out your Cell Phone Number so that you can be mobile.

The App even allows you to show your office telephone number when making a call.

All of the features of your office telephone available at your fingertips.

You’ve learned the value of your mobile device for other aspects of your business life… now you can experience te value of True Freedom with all of the features you’d expect on your desk phone.

In fact, you can have both. A Desk Phone and a Mobile App with the Same Extension Number and even a Private Direct Inbound Number.
Place the App on your laptop too and work from home while using a Headset for Full Communication Capability.

Contact us for details on how you can lower your monthly telephone costs and better leverage the tools in your hands.

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