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Now you can enjoy a New Online Chat experience with us right from our webpage.

Most companies have an online chat capability on their website. Some reach an AI that attempts to answer your questions from a database of responses and some connect you with a live person.

Our research tells us that you would prefer to reach a live person, so that is what we’ve done.

Visit and find the “Click to Call” button in the lower left corner of the page.

Click on the button, enter your information and then say “Hi”.
A staff member will be notified immediately of your request to chat and will respond asap.

It gets better though, you will find two new buttons at the top of your Chat Window.

1) The “Telephone Handset” allows you to convert your chat to a telephone call, right from your computer, using your attacvhed headset or built-in Microphone.

2) The “Video Camera Icon” allows you to convert your chat to a Video Call, also using your devices Audio Equipment and adding the camera. Imagine seeing the person with whom you are speaking in real-time.

VCS Skynet – Communications is Paramount

We are commited to giving you every opportunity to reach us in whatever fashion is best for you.

But imagine this… would you benefit from this technology in your company? It’s virtually free and we can show you how.

Come chat with us and see for yourself.

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