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Advancements just keep coming, almost daily it seems and the App for your Android or iOS Device is no exception.

The Chat (SMS) feature is Better, Stronger, Faster… easier to use.

The Improved Chat Feature The massive improvements we have made to the chat feature are likely the first things you will notice in this release. Messaging your colleagues with 3CX has never been easier as messages are now part of the main app screen. The process of messaging a colleague or starting a group chat are both extremely simple. Want to elevate a group chat to an audio conference? you can do this instantly by simply pressing the in-built “call” button in your group chat. In a one-on-one chat, this button will simply call the other party.

Message text formatting and date & time stamps can be found at a glance. More features like attachments and image previews are on the way so stay tuned!

The User Interface is also more intuitive and a lot less cluttered.

UI Improvements Parts of the main UI have been decluttered with the removal of some extraneous icons such as the “i” help icon and the old chat notification icon from the top menu bar. These changes make for a sleeker and cleaner look. More importantly, the newly added slide-in options menu on the top left gives a breath of fresh air to the look and usability of the app. Users are now able to tap the newly added top-left icon OR swipe their screen to the right to reveal their Voicemails, Recordings and other settings as well as the ability to quickly navigate to your accounts page by clicking on your avatar.

In the Android app options like Reprovision, Re-register, Resend Credentials and several others have been moved to the “Settings” menu.

IPV6 & SIP Changes Enormous changes have been made in the inner workings of the apps to improve IPV6 compatibility. Strides towards improving TLS compatibility have also been made. These improvements are quite fresh out of the oven and have been heavily tested by our QA team. Despite this, if you encounter any issues, feel free to report them to us.


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