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Instant Messaging / Text Chat allows staff to communicate together via text chat within the private realm of the company communications infrastructure.

Users can send and receive SMS Messages via the 3CX App on their Windows or MAC Computer, on their Android, Windows and iPhone and on their browser via WebClient.

Collaboration just got a whole lot easier.

You can even create Chat Groups so that Teams can Message amoung themselves, sharing ideas and information.

You can send a Link within a Chat and with the Powerful Privacy and Security of the System, never worry about important and proprietary information ending up in the hands of your competition.

Bring your company’s communications into the 21st Century with the most powerful and advanced Unified Communications tools available.

  • Presence – See the Status of other users, never interrupting them when they are busy or on another call.
  • Softphone – Make and Receive Calls when away from your desk
  • Computer / Telephone Integration – Control your Desk Phone and Utilize Drag-n-Drop Call Transfer and Management. Set your status with a quick click of the mouse of touch of the screen.
  • Collaboration – Easily share information with Team and Project Memebers
  • SMS / Text – Privacy in SMS is hard to come by, but not with VCS Skynet.
  • Audio Conference – Bring the Team together from anywhere in the world
  • Video Webmeeting – Add a Video Component to your Meetings and see who is speaking.
  • Built-in Presentation Sharing – Share your Screen in a Webmeeting or Give a Presentation to a client in real-time, online and remote.
  • Fax-To-Email – No more wasted paper. Share and Archive Faxes as easy as any other document as PDF Files.
  • Receive Voicemails in your Inbox and also Share and Archive as needed


Contact VCS Skynet for more information and a Free Cost Benefit Analysis.

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