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Group SMS on 3CX App

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Instant Messaging / Text Chat allows staff to communicate together via text chat within the private realm of the company communications infrastructure. Users can send and receive SMS Messages via the 3CX App on their Windows or MAC Computer, on their Android, Windows and iPhone and on their browser via WebClient. Collaboration just got a whole lot easier. You can

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Number Portability

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Keep your Existing Phone number! Get a New Phone Number! Mobile Number Portability! VCS Skynet is a Top Tier Telephone Provider, which means we provide ALL of the services. You can keep your existing Phone Number with VCS Skynet, no matter what your address is. Many major providers will not allow you to keep your existing phone number when you

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Skynet Online Ticketing

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Skynet Online Ticketing System goes LIVE! Skynet has Skywatch to oversee the day-to-day operations of the technology and systems. VCS Service is the human component that watches over everything, ensuring the systems are all operational and that we can pro-actively see and act on issues of all kinds. It is often the small things that get by all of us.

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